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Strong P50 Flashlight With USB


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Product information:

1. Five light modes: high, medium, low, flash and emergency mode to meet your different needs.
2. Waterproof and almost indestructible-Designed for rough handling, this flashlight can withstand a drop of 10 feet or be temporarily immersed in water. You can still freeze it or run over it with a truck, and it will still work! Suitable for use in rain, snow or emergency situations.
3. Small and portable: small size, light weight, suitable for hand, pocket, backpack, easy to store and carry.
4. Thin shell material: aluminum alloy shell, durable and waterproof in daily life. Don’t worry about rainy or snowy days.
5. Very suitable for dog walking, hunting, boating, power outages, patrols, hiking, camping, emergency situations. Perfect gift for father, husband, wife or college students for any occasion
6. When used in the bass setting, it runs for more than 10 hours, making it the ultimate campsite accessories and equipment.
7. Single battery high lumen flashlight: LED flashlight provides high lumen light. It has a large area projector and a focusing projector. Can illuminate a distance of 200 to 500m. The flashlight with built-in battery (26650 or 18650) can be charged via USB cable.
8. Zoom design: Head telescopic zoom can reduce or enlarge the area you want to light up. Zoom in to focus the light and obtain a spot beam, zoom in to amplify the light and obtain a wide range of illumination.
9. Wide range of uses: suitable for camping, cycling, night patrol, fishing, hunting and emergency situations.


[Size]: 16.6cm*4cm*3.3cm
[Bulb]: XHP50
[Battery]: 1*18650
[Zoom mode]: telescopic zoom
[Charging method]: micro USB charging
[Material]: Aluminum alloy
[Switch]:Key switch
[Stalls]: 5 gears 100%-70%-50%-Flash-SOS
[colour] :
Flashlight + USB cable
Flashlight+18650+USB cable
Flashlight+26650+USB cable

Packing list:

Additional information

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 40 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hands down the best, what more do you need

I had this for 3 years and finally found out how to remove the clip lol. Wish they would make replacement pocket clips though, in case it breaks off. Overall, great product and have not had any problems with it.

Eveline Van Der Brink
Does not withstand temperature/untrustworthy

You cannot leave these flashlights in your tool bag (in the car) if you live somewhere cold. Kind of a hassle for the price. I have two- one was gifted and I thought I lost it so I bought a replacement. Both clips (how you attach to belt/tool bag) have broken off very easily- within a month or so of getting them. Now, the one I bought in April will not hold a charge- I even replaced the rechargeable battery. There are much more durable flashlights for the same price, if not less expensive. I am assuming it was winter that destroyed them or they’re just not well-made. I rely on flashlights for my occupation. I use these models as a second/last resort. I keep them religiously charged. These are great flashlights for watching the dog poo at night or camping with the family. I don’t really trust them at work.

John Johnes
Great light: Bright, compact, mutliple brightness levels, comfortable to hold and use. No regrets.

Well designed flashlight that will light up a scene a 500ft away in “spot” mode. I had a $40 NEBO unit of similar size and intensity, but the aluminum ring at the front of the flashlight got so hot it would quickly become untouchable with the bare hands – making it impossible to either zoom in and out (push pull on the front of the light) or switch between high-medium low intensity (turn the ring at the front of the flashlight). I gave the NEBO away. This unit stays cool, and uses the on/off button to switch intensity. Much more convenient. This unit does not use the battery used in electric vehicles which is used in many of these flashlights; it uses a larger battery. Probably overkill as I seldom need the light for more than a few minutes. Ledlenser makes smaller units of similar intensity. Worth it if you appreciate thoughtfully engineered, well made products.

Taylor Maria
I got here Fast and the flashlight

I got here Fast and the flashlight is in good size and lights super good

John Thomas
Bright love em

Bright love em