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Pet Water Bottle Feeder


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Small size and easy to carry out
Easy to use
Integrate super multi-functions such as drinking water to clean up the stool
Make it easy for pets to drink water and easy for owners to feed water


Product color: Lake blue yellow green pink
Product capacity: 300ML
Material: ABS
1style:300 ml water capacity + dog food box + garbage bag
2style:500ml water capacity + dog food box + garbage bag
other300 ml water capacity + garbage bag
3style 500 ml water capacity + garbage bag

Package Content:
1x water cup



Additional information

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 100 × 97 × 327 cm

300ml Set, 300ml, 500ml Set, 500ml


Yellow, Green blue yellow, Yellow 2pcs, Green 2pcs, Green 2pcs pink, Pink, Blue 2pcs, Green, Pink 2pcs yellow., Green blue 2pcs, Blue, Yellow pink pcs, Pink 3pcs, Green blue pcs, Green 2pcs blue., Green pink 2pcs., Green yellow 2pcs., Green blue pink, Green 3pcs, Green yellow pcs, Blue 3pcs, Green 2pcs yellow, Green pink yellow, Pink 2pcs, Yellow 2pcs pink, Blue pink 2pcs., Blue yellow pcs, Yellow 3pcs, Green2style, Blue pink pcs, Blue 2pcs pink, Blue yellow 2pcs., Blue 2pcs yellow, Blue pink yellow, Green pink pcs, Green1style, Blue2style, Green3style, Yellow1style, Pink3style, Yellow2style, Blue3style, Yellow3style, Blue1style, Pink1style, Pink2style